Monday, December 23, 2013

What is Screen-Magic Labs?

What is Screen-Magic Labs?
Innovation is a distinction between a leader and a follower! – Steve Jobs
Yes, We believe in the Same,  Screen-Magic wants to be a Leader in Technology Space, not a follower.
But Any Idea/Innovation is worthless until it solves real life problems. With basic need of having strong connect with real world, born the Idea of Screen-Magic Labs.
At Screen-Magic, We are proud to have a strong team with amazing technology knowledge and great vision for enterprises, We have created great products in past few years, but We are committed to build better products. The thousands of our customers have tried their hands on our products. Messages sent through our services are touching the lives of million of people. With Rapid emergence of Cloud Computing, Mobile Apps and Web 2.0, It seems that we are experiencing the most amazing era of technology revolution.
With Our Team working on lots of exciting things, We would like to share those with the real audience as soon as possible. We want, Screen-Magic Labs to be a medium to share things with outside world. It will help us to make sure that all of our efforts goes into building a meaningful products which create real value.
About Screen-Magic :-
Screen-Magic is a 5-year young startup based out of Pune. Its primary focus is on making enterprises Mobile Ready. Screen-Magic is currently has an ISV partnership with worlds leading On-demand CRM Company – and partnership with another world leader in CRM industry – SMS Magic is one of the popular application on Salesforce AppExchange. SMS Magic help businesses to enable SMS connectivity on CRM in automated and personal way.

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