Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Screen-Magic Team @ Hacknight - Classified SMS Inbox on Your Android

Our dev-team,  under the leadership of Vivek Garg(@ideason), participated in Droidcon Hacknight organized at Thoughtworks Pune. They created an android application in 18 hrs of Non-Stop programming. Our Lead Developers Asmita (@i) and Purushottam (@u) played a key role, along with Hussain (@hussain_tamboli), Ganesh (@31) and Abhilash. We were one of the few teams which successfully demo'd application at the Dawn. Thoughtwork environment was great experience for the team.
Idea Presentation

Here is the App Concept :-
Although SMS is a Tiny Thing, managing it on your phone with limited space and memory, quite times becomes a Huge Thing overtime, as your sms'es keep stacking up.  With thousand SMSes in your Inbox, You don't have time to delete those or For some who don't even open up messages, this turns up into great nightmare, Phone hanging, loosing messages from your near-dear ones. No good way to clean up your Inbox with unwanted, unread messages.

 With heavy use of SMS by enterprises for updating customers about various types on notifications and offers, your inbox stacks up in a no time.  If you want to switch a phone, take it granted that you would lose all the messages, unless you are really mobile phone fanatic or someone around you is who will help you out but both are the cases 1 in a million.

To solve this problem, Screen-Magic team has conceptualized and developed an android application which will help you categorize your sms with highly customizable category view of your SMS Inbox Like Gmail's new UI.Now you can safely ignore promotional or notificational SMS from enterprises/marketers or read them in your spare/leisure time.

Screen-Magic is proposing a Online Backup through this app with your own choice of BAAS provider so that you can take backup of your sms'es into any of your private stores like Google doc or Evernote.

Have a look at videos to get feel of things.
At MidNight!

Jai Ho!

Great Work, Time for Felicitation

Team at Work

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