Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SMS Magic Interact v.1.30 is Out..!

Engage Your Customers in a Whole New Way.

First of all, Thank you all for your feed-backs and reviews.

SMS Magic is a plug and play application on Salesforce CRM. It provides the capability to send/receive SMS notifications on CRM. Our application integrates seamlessly with all the features of Salesforce environment. 

In pursuit to serve you better, we have been constantly evolving SMS Magic Interact based on your valued inputs. 

We are happy to present New SMS Magic Interact v.1.30 to you. Enriched with your feed-backs and other must haves, v.1.30 boast following new features:
  1. Compose SMS in new Pop-up screen
    We understand that navigating away from any screen for some action actually cause a loss of context. To save your clicks and time, we have come up with sleek pop up screens for composing SMS on the same screen. It carries all the previous features, and still makes your life easier.
    Fig.1. Compose SMS with Pop up Screen
  2. Interactive Error Logs
    Added errors messages to notify if mobile number is missing or invalid mobile number. The application gives you very straight and to the point error logs, to help you understand where things went wrong and how to correct them. The whole new bunch of error logs is created to save your time and guide you to success. 
    Fig.2. Interactive Error Logs

  3. Automate Opt-out Management
    It is indeed tiring to manually update the contact status every time a contact decides to opt-out. The new version gives you the facility to define keywords such as “STOP” or “Unsubscribe” which help to define a workflow rule/ trigger an action to automatically opt-out the responder. 
    Fig.3. SMS Opt-Out Field and Running Campaigns

  4. New Add-on features – SMS on Workflow Rules & SMS Scheduler
    These two brand new features allow you to send messages for predefined triggers. You can define workflow rules and create a related task to send messages.
    Fig.4. Send SMS on Workflow Rules

  5. We are sure you must have had to make some tough choices like choose one critical task over another scheduled to occur at the same time and we can completely relate to that dilemma of. With our new SMS Scheduler, you will never again have to choose the more pressing one (as long as one of the two is about sending messages). Just schedule your messages to reach your target audience at a time you want. What’s more you can even schedule messages to be sent on holidays!
    Fig.5. Schedule SMS Screen


    Q: For which editions of Salesforce is the upgrade available?
    A: For Developer edition, Production and Sandbox environments of Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited editions.

    Q: Will the upgrade allow more users to use the app?
    A: User permissions will remain the same as were in previous versions of package.  Salesforce Administrator can manage user's access to SMS Magic Application. There is no restriction from our side.

    Q: How much will it cost?
    A: For customers already subscribed to SMS Magic Interact, there will be no additional cost. You can directly upgrade the package. For customers using Basic version of the application, please get in touch with our Sales team at [email protected] for upgrading your package. Visit Interact Pricing for detailed pricing.

    Q: How will the upgrade affect my current eco-system?
    A: There are no major changes in the working of application.  This version is more user friendly and interactive.

    Q: Will the upgrade erase the previous data?
    A: For customers using SMS Magic Interact with package prefix "smsmagicinteract__" and having application version greater than 1.20, it will be just point and click update which will update changed package components and data will remain as it is.
    For customers using other versions of SMS Magic, you might have to uninstall the application and install the new version. This will require taking backup of your SMS data before you upgrade and then reload the data back after uploading. Please click here for detailed steps on upgrade.  (To see instructions on how to check your package prefix, click here) For any help, reach out to us at [email protected]

    Q: Will my company experience any downtime? For how long?
    A: There will be downtime of upto 5-30 minutes depending on the type of upgrade. If it’s a point and click update, it will not take more than 5 minutes to install new package. However, if there is need to backup old data and then reloading it back to Salesforce, it might go up to 30 minutes.

    Q: Does my team need any additional training to use the new version?
    A: No, the basic functionality of application is still the same. If you are looking to implement new interface (pop-up), then you might have to train your team on it.

    Q: Will the security of my data be affected by the upgrade?
    A: No! It is as secure as it can be!  All data transmission happens over secure SSL protocol. Refer Q.19 from our application FAQ's for more details on this.

    Q: How Do I Upgrade to new version ? 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Opening for Full-Time Product Manager - 3-5 yrs of Experience

Screen-Magic Mobile Media Pvt Ltd, a Pune-based Product Startup, is Looking for Full-time Product Manager.
We have built some very good products in Enterprise, Cloud and Mobile space in last 3-4 years. We have around 500+ enterprise customers in different geographies like US, Europe, Australia. We have clear focus on products. We are looking to strengthen our core product portfolio as well as working on new concepts to create better products for Enterprise Markets.

Key Responsibilities
  • Identify and present innovative and creative product solutions.
  • Project management of all product integration/launches/changes throughout implementation.
  • Identify the business and operational requirements based upon the business requirements & objectives of each product.
  • Display a high level of critical thinking in cross-functional process analysis and problem resolution for new and existing products.
  • Coordinate and build strong working relations with various internal organizations including; IT, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Product Development, & Operations.
  • Lead the development, approval, training, and communication of new products/product changes and their associated customer, operational, system, & process impacts to the various internal organizations.
  • Develop & conduct specialized training on new products launched and raise awareness & application of relevant subject matter.
  • Monitor internal processes for efficiency and validity pre & post product launch/changes.
  • Participate in opportunities to develop both personally and professionally.
  • Manage in-life product performance: sales, margin, and churn, conducting extensive numerical analysis using company data.
  • Direct interaction with Customers to build relationships with the customers, to become the Voice of Customer within the Company.
  • Upto 20% travel in  US, Europe or APAC to meet customers.
Education and/or Experience Requirements:
  • Bachelors degree in business, marketing, engineering, science;
  • 6-8 years of software industry experience (Consumer or Enterprise) 
  • 3 – 5 years of prior experience of successful Product Management in a high tech company with proven ability to launch new products from concept to launch 
  • Experience in product development, strategic planning, and implementation preferred.
Knowledge and Skill Requirements:
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written);
  • Advanced spreadsheet and numerical analysis skills: business cases, margin and cash flow analysis;
  • Ability to write and deliver training courses and materials;
  • Ability to exercise tact and good interpersonal skills;
  • Project management skills;
  • Analytical and problem solving skills;
  • Ability to be pro-active with a sense of urgency;
  • Ability to read, understand and communicate technical documentation; and
  • Be a self-starter, a highly motivated person able to work in a fast paced environment that is continually changing.

We will offer attractive compensation package as per industry standard.