Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Opening for Marketing Manager, Exp.0-2 yrs.

Do you think like a Marketing Whiz? Want to publish campaigns that reach millions of viewers?
Come and join us @ Screen-Magic

Screen-Magic is seeking a young and energetic Marketing Manager. The Manager will create and publish campaigns using Digital media channels such as Web / social media publishing, Ad-campaigns on the web (Google Ad-words, Display Networks). His responsibility starts from creating the copyright to publishing and finally analyzing the results.

The candidate should be very articulate in reading and creating marketing copyright for the web. He/she should understand the web as a channel and know basic web applications used for publishing and engaging audience such as Blogs, Websites, Twitter, Facebook, Chat, etc.

Key Responsibilities
1.       Create monthly plan -  Publishing, Analytics and reporting on the web (Take inputs from concerned stakeholders, design & finalize a plan)
2.       Execute Content creation – Write the content himself or work with a Copyright to create content. Work with Graphics designer for creating graphics etc.
3.       Publish the Content – Upload content manually or using web based tools such as MailChimp, etc.
4.       Analytics – Use tools for analyzing website traffic, response to social media etc.

1.       Marketing Copyright
2.       Web-savvy & knowledge of web-applications. At the very least, he should be a Avid web-user
3.       Excellent communicator with the team and with outside parties
4.       Some experience and understanding of IT and software will help

Qualification – Any Grad. MBA in marketing is a plus

Pay Scale
 – CTC of 1.8-2.4 (may be an additional Performance Bonus)

Other Details – Place of work is Pune

About Us
Screen-Magic is a mobile media company, producing Apps which connect business software with mobile phones.

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Contact -
 Suitable & interested Candidates can send their Resume's (Read Portfolio) to [email protected]
. Please mention Job Title “Marketing Manager” in the subject line.

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