Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Required: Web Designer/Front-End Developer

Position: Web Designer/Front-End Developer
Place : Borivalli West, Mumbai
Type: Contract

We're good people. We are looking for a long engagement for Web designing and Online Product packaging.

Want a Project that will test your ability to balance code and beauty while preserving our product's brand equity?

Screen Magic Mobile seeks a Web designer/front-end developer with a hunger for taking skilled, analytical creationism and transforming it into engaging, useful Web-driven packages that demonstrate creative innovation and an understanding of our brand. 

You'll be responsible for making the design/renovation of our digital products. We'll be working on packaging our product SMS Magic Interact and its promotion across the globe.

We need a Web-centric designer who has a strong understanding of user experience, design ideas and principles. You’ll be our first line of defense when something on the site breaks. Site usability and fixing front-end problems are your main responsibilities, but we also expect you to have a basic understanding of back-end structure so you can work with the people in charge of fixing it. 

A little about us:

Screen Magic provide state of art platform that can be easily integrated with any CRM to send and receive SMS within the platform. We are currently partner of and for catering SMS needs. Screen Magic has already registered 200+ international Customers on these CRMs.

Skills needed:

  • Blogger/Wordpress knowledge that goes beyond a simple install and extends to
    the plugin level.
  • HTML/5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Flash/ActionScript,Ajax, Photoshop/Illustrator.(Even if you don't know all of them, give it a try contacting us.)
  • A portfolio that speaks to the same.
  • Bonus points if you’ve got a good working knowledge of SEO and are actively communicating online (blogs, Tumblr, Twitter) with others in the Web design field.
  • Knowledge about current Web trends/technology.
  • A spirit of experimentation

Note: Send a cover letter, résumé, and examples of past work to Gold Hassan at [email protected].

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