Monday, July 4, 2011

A Case Study: Complete Mobile Marketing Plan

Case Study


Customer Requirements:

Services Offered:
  • The database analysis and classification based on various demographics.
  • The Customer loyalty program
    through various schemes and campaigns including the ON-SCREEN discount coupons.
  • The customer acquisition through the basic referral programs ran on the existing Customers. This program turned out to very successful in terms of the addition of new customer contact in Customer’s Database.
  • Various Product launch based on the variables like session ( Monsoon, Winter, Festivals), demographics (age, place of putting up, birth month etc)
  • Preference based advertisements/ personalized SMSing.

Other variables:

  • Database classification based on defined demographics by customer.
  • Automated system to send the response and view all the responses at the same time.
  • A Web-based campaign manager that enables the Brand manager to keep track to all the campaigns ran in real time and also adds the ability to see the Keyword based response of all the campaign at one go at one place.

  • Screen-Magic (S-M) campaigns were able to increase the Customers database by 30%.
  • S-M enabled the customer to do the preferential advertising, thus getting special engagement with the users.
  • S-M worked with the vision of increasing the sales and credibility of the Brand which was gained through rows of specially designed campaigns based on the specific needs of the customers.
  • Sales increased due to better awareness of the Brand.
  • Mobile Content on Brand Product started a chain reaction of User Pushed content flooding on the Campaign manager.

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