Friday, June 10, 2011

SMS Marketing: All that you Need to Know to be successful

Internet has all sorts of knowledge in it...Wish it was easy to index all the relevant data for ready reference for anything.

I have been searching Web for a Complete guide for SMS Marketing (of course we dont get any book of that name in market, and I wanted to jump into SMS Marketing arena) , that can tell you actually how to start from the scratch and make the campaign successful.

Everybody told about Flashy tips, but still, I found absence of the basics. The following document will give you a clear picture about each steps, measurement variables, Humanitarian Tips, Loyalty program basics , Market Segregation, some crucial facts and figures.

I have documented all that I have learned all these years. This is of course first part. Customer Loyalty Program and Customer Acquisition program on SMS are yet to be documented. Hope it will be shared soon with you guys.

Till then Happy Campaigning. :)


  1. SMS Marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing today. The speed and reliability can help employees be more effective communicating with multiple people at once, which can save a business a lot of time, and in turn, reduce costs. It is an efficient way for contacting customers with text messages about special offers and lunch sales. Thanks a lot.

    SMS Mobile

  2. Thanks Daniel,You are correct.. The SMS in business world is a great media for communication. Imagine the speed with which people can communicate through SMS through CRMs. The extra work to manually update the database will be a myth and time saving will be the result. However , SMS are little less reliable sometime due to network dependability. We have developed one such app for Check out SMS Magic Interact. I will be posting a Guide book to Business through SMS soon.