Thursday, June 23, 2011

Customer Loyalty Programs on Mobile

"Any Small Event that makes Customers life simple, attract them to spend happily and more."

When it comes to Mobile, the media and game plan changes altogether. You are dealing with an entity that is way too personal than a TV or Radio. You are invading your Customer’s Pocket.

How to do it on Mobile I will say "Be careful, you are dealing with some Device that may explode."

The Best practices of Running Customer Loyalty Programs on Mobile are as:
  1. Create Regular Offer Campaigns.
  2. Referring to the To-Do’s List can make your life simpler. Your SMS Campaign should create a unique Identity among the Customers (which is of course, no one would like an Identity as Spammer).
    The regularity pays a lot, it make them feel valued & wanted so they remain loyal to us! And that’s all we have to do.

  3. Create Mobile Feedback System.
  4. A feedback system is must for any CLP. A mobile based Feedback system is very effective yet too easy to implement. The Feedback system can be for e.g. A campaign asking Customers to send in their queries/Feedback/Problem faced starting with certain Keyword. You can further segregate and respond back. It creates a sense of belonging and caring among Customers.

  5. Create Quizzes and Polls with Reward Programs (Point Based).
  6. Regular Quizzes and Polls have two Advantages:
    • Keeps Customers engage
    • Give you the feedback about general Image of your brand in Market.
    Adding Prizes and Rewards (I suggest, something that gives Instant Gratification to Customers drives these campaigns to success) increase the values of any Interaction.

  7. Create Exclusive Couponing Campaigns.
  8. Exclusive Couponing makes Customers feel Special. Imagine a regular Customer carrying a heavy Discount Coupon on Mobile to your store and redeeming it in front of any general Customer. At this moment of time, the events that are taking place at your store payment desk are:
    • Regular Customer Feeling very special and elite among others.
    • General Customers feeling jealous and motivated to register for your CLP.
    Mobile adds the personal tinge in the event. It creates an image of One on One dialogue/communication with Customers and You (Brands).It also creates ease in their life.

  9. Create Mobile Content Channel
  10. Creating Mobile Content Channels help you create your own Mobile Facebook on your customer mobiles. Brands can ask Customers to supply content regarding their product (Experiences, shortcomings, Merits, Usage conditions etc) on Mobile (In One word or Two, I suggest, it makes it more happening). Publishing the best content in various media, instantly gives the customers a kick of fame. Try making it very interactive between You and Your Customers and also between Customers. The Content may be of Tips/Tricks of your product. Also you can explain various other utility of your product.

"All the money [or marketing] in the world can't buy you love and trust. You have to earn trust and love by how you behave over time."

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