Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fun Facts for Mobile Users...!!

We are one of them. All sort of technology and management skills are being developed everyday for our segregation according to our taste and requirement (of course location and time based necessities).

Yet everytime a new SMS from unknown number or random Sender is recd. on our mobile, we get irritated. May be we just do not need Bulk SMSing Application but much more. The ground is always open, Mobile Marketing needs to be done in a complete form which includes integration with social Media, Delivering mobile content, Location based etc.

The Mobile Marketers are using the basic facts for promoting/marketing their product with the most personal and Omnipresent medium (So omnipresent that its in your pocket while you are going through this) of communication.

Lets go through some very interesting facts as Mobile User:
o 97% of SMS are opened. (They are opened of course bt only 50-70% gets the eye scroll and further if we talk about reading the SMS, the % comes down to 30-40%.)
o Smartphones will grow by about one third to 43% of mobile users by 2015 according to eMarketer. (of course smart choice)
o Blackberry’s desirability pales compared to iPhone and Android for next operating system choice among smartphone owners however it is still popular among corporate users and teens. (Its fruity name has always attracted me)
o Women are more likely to get an iPhone while men are more likely to get an Android according to The Nielsen Company.(Now thats so obvious isn’t it? What if iphone where pink)
o Three out ten consumers are planning to get 3G service in the next twelve months. (Now where they are going to use smartphones then?)
o Voice usage dominates work hours and apps dominate after work hours according to Zokem via ReadWriteWeb. (Mobile is omnipresent devil, it kills your time everywhere :) )
o The biggest categories of non-data usage for mobile phones are photographs and text messages according to Pew Research. ( why in the world Sony Ericsson Idou has come up with 12MP mobile ?)
o Social media usage on mobile devices continues to grow with 49.4million users in 2011; a 27% increase from 2010.
o Women send more text messages per month (716) than men do (555) based onThe Nielsen Company tracking. (Is this a fact?)
o The U.S. is the second largest mobile advertising spending market globally after Japan, according to Smaato. ( Come On India Dikhado.. )

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