Monday, May 16, 2011

SMS Marketing

When we talk about SMS marketing, basically it’s just more than simple Bulk pushed Texts. SMS Marketing is emerging as one of most ubiquitous media to reach the customers. SMS Marketing gives you some basic reason to go with:
·         Ubiquitous
·         Two way Communication
·         Personalized
·         Cheap
·         One click process
The coin has always two sides, above reasons are too compelling for Marketers, but again leaves a lot of side effect for consumers to deal with. Mobile Spamming comes into play here.
There are a lot of online programs and platform that allow you to run one such campaign. There are some basic tips that every Marketers need to follow to make their customers comfortable and more receptive about their campaigns
·         Adding Greeting and Name in the Mobile Marketing Text increase the chances of readability.
·         Content Is King, Keep the text small and effective
·         Too much information in one text often causes loss of core context.
·         Delivering Content Based on Mobile Handset increase the touch and feel of any content.
·         Location Based Content in Local Language adds Honey on the Butter. Goldie says Taste Matters a Lot.
·         Instead of Pushing Information to Consumers, Providing a Content Pull option increase the value of your product and content.
·         Adding Multimedia Links to text and driving Consumers on Web page gives Graphical touch to ur content.
·         Timing is great factor to increase Responses. Message Sent at right time produce better and more responses.
·         Targeting Specific Demographics for Marketing Campaign makes sense. Targeting Specific Context makes bigger sense.
·         Keeping Language free from jargon in any Mobile Marketing Campaign explains the power of Your Product.
·         Wishing Customers and extending special discount on Birthdays' increase Customer Loyalty.
·         Using Sender's ID as your Co. name add one more branding Medium to your Arsenal.
·         Regularity pays, Mobile Marketing campaigns done over an interval of time increase Brand recall.
·         Two way communication helps you build closer bond with Customers. Listen to ur customers view.
·         You don’t need to always commercialize the text. Simple Greetings now and then speaks for the brand in longer run.
·         Giving away Tips about product for free regularly to Customers help them understand your product better.
·         Adding quizzes and polls on Text about your product and broadcasting winner/result on Other Media adds fun to any Marketing campaign.
·         Doodling with your style of Text cuts the Monotony in the campaign.
·         Scheduling Message one at a time helps you include latest updates in new campaigns.
·         With Great Power Comes Greater Responsibilities. It’s your responsibility to fight Mobile Spamming. You can Be Spiderman and Batman of Mobile Marketing
·         Now and Then Sending News on urgent issues wins you customer’s appreciation.
·         Minimizing the Mobile Keys hits increase the chances of conversions. Longer the Process, More Tired I feel to Register.
·         Creating Buzz over all the Media simultaneously in Sync creates greater awareness in customers.
·         Using Text as Notification and Alert media changes the Text Value at all. It’s welcomed.
Hope these tips helps you launch your campaign and touch your customers in most unique way.
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