Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Measure Your SMS Campaigns !!

Effective and timely reporting on any advertising campaign is the make or break of its effectiveness. Even more important is knowing exactly what to measure.

Some of the Variables that should be well measured while in Mobile Marketing campaign:

            • No of SMS sent and Response Received.
            • Timing
            • Occasions
            • Trends etc.

Further the data is guiding light in itself. You can use the data to analyze the Customer Behavior and program your various campaigns around it.

Measurements may be passive or interactive.A passive measurement just give you the idea that something happened while interactive measurement take steps according to the real time results.

However the passive measurement give you the clear picture as a whole while the results of interactive measurement may be varied depending on various variables.

SMS Campaign has its own good and bad. Visit SMS Campaign tips for a seemless campaign.

Procuring a simple state of art SMS Campaign Manager with A simple User Interface and intuitive model can provide you with the Matrices to understand Market Trend and define your campaign according to it.

Screen Magic provide you one such Campaign Manager. For more information please get in touch with me @ [email protected]

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