Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You have a message…!!

I had one such ringtone long back. 

And it used to ring only once in a while. So this ringtone was welcomed. Later , with the increase in frequency of ringing, it started making me feel as if it was scolding me to pick and check the message. 

Though I had substantial increase in the number of people around me handling mobile and SMSing me without any reasons (forwardies) but what irritated me most was unwanted plethora of sales and offers spamming my mobile inbox.

20% off on all cosmetics like Imported Lipsticks, Mascara and what not made me think (only initially), How nice it would have been, If I was a girl.

But later when they started sending me offers on Huggies and child food, I literally got amazed about the Things they were selling on Mobile SMS. Also I was irked because I am not a girl and I am not a parent till now. So these message initially sounded interesting (and of course good for general knowledge sometime..) but then after sometime, I dint know whom to contact to explain them these little truths.

Mobile Marketing is “YES” the future of marketing and advertising but if there is no control, it’s going to breed irritated consumers and lose credibility.

Already, it is thought that the average U.K. and U.S. mobile phone user sees about 10% in SMS spam with Asian countries already at a whopping 20%.

If not stopped, they can at least be curbed and it will also allow appropriate law enforcement to seek them out.

France is one of the first countries to employ this technique, and the results so far are promising. More than a half million people have used the short code provided for reporting spam, and spammer's phone numbers have been disconnected as a result. 

The only debate on taming SMS spamming will come from those who believe it is censorship.

And For consumers like all of us, there are lot of applications which help us not only to curb spam SMS but call also.Blackbelt is one of the many examples.

And for SMS Advertising entities like me, let’s not make SMS marketing worse before it gets better. We can use segregation and demographics specific SMS marketing. At least it will not assume some Vegetarian as Non- Vegetarian Fisherman.

So for all of Us…

You have a message…!!

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