Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SMS Lingo...!!!

SMS Lingo !! 

Once upon a time there was telegram DOT People were charged on per word basis DOT I think you got the idea DOT

Later when civilization improved on technology front, paging and SMS took over the Telegram.

A couple of years ago, my dad peered over my cousin sister’s shoulder and read the message on her phone. “Lol? Who is lolling you? Is that some kind of rude word?”

With e-mail, instant messaging, facebook, twitter and SMSs or text messages, a new form of writing has emerged.

Earlier also, we had constraint of space and number of characters but the language never evolved only till now. Due to the fact that many of these new systems limit the number of characters you can use, people try many different ways to get a meaningful message across in the smallest possible way. This includes substituting numbers for letters, letters for words and numerous misspellings of words in order to try and use fewer characters.

These words are omnipresent and I was also astonished to see some shop carrying these names. (ROFLing Store, Beauty 4eva..etc)

What really interests me is how people from different groups of friends use different words and spellings, people I from Mumbai use different words to people in Nasik, and even people from different states have their own way of writing.

There are so many different words and variations that can be used, I thought of some basics that people generally use,may it be of some help:
•    First of all, often vowels are left out in order to shorten words.
•    Second, letters that do not have any sound in the word (“silent letters”) are also often omitted, eg. The “l” in “would” and “could”, and the “e” at the end of many words.
•    Try saying the sounds of the letters, often a letter that sounds like a word is used in place of the actual word, eg “c” instead of “see”
•    Numbers can sometimes be read as the sound they make, eg. 8 as the “ate” sound, or 4 as “for”. Other times however, numbers can represent letters, eg. 4 as “a”, and 3 as “e”.
•    Sometime in letters with “I” and ending in “E”,”I” is replaced by “Y” .e.g. Life turns to “lyf”, Like into ”Lyk”, Time into ”Tym”
•    “U” is read as indivisual U only e.g. for New its “nu”

Its just that we have entered into a new age of communication, the languages are going to transform a lot. I just hope that they don’t start teaching this as subject and define the grammar for the same.

Its basically the freedom that this medium offers to the consumers that it reflects at this very basic level.

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