Thursday, March 3, 2011

JD of Software Developer

JD of Developer


Screen-Magic, a growing mobile media start-up, is looking for fresh talent in a software developer to add capability and capacity to its engineering team. The candidate we seek should be fresh & eager to learn and grow with the experienced founding team and other key developers. He/she should be capable of working in a small team, yet take responsibility and deliver.

High Performers will be equitably rewarded as the Company grows. We are open to discussing possibilities of individual’s growth in the Company, with interested and capable candidates.


Software Developer (Working at Borivali Mumbai office of SM)

(Title may depend on your talent, experience and match with our requirements)

Roles & Responsibilities

1. Contribute to existing development efforts and take initiative in development of new product concepts, which may include developing few prototypes etc.

2. The work may involve development using various technologies, mostly web frameworks for developing, running and troubleshooting web based high transactions systems. Some examples are:-

a. Development of web front-end in Php / Java for application delivery

b. Writing scripts for server management, Server backup & its management

c. Creating Unit tests for application testing and QA

d. Troubleshooting and bug-fixing in real-time client pressure for delivery

e. Adding features to existing systems (Already developed)

f. Initiate and take responsibility for product deployment @ client for activities such as Server Set-up / ubuntu/windows

Typical Candidate Profile

1. Qualification & Exp: Fresher from reputed Eng college or upto 2 years experienced software developer required. BE/Btech in Comp Science or IT or MCA will be preferred.

2. Technology Skills:

a. Knowledge of Java, Php and other web technologies.

b. Experience of working with Databases like MySQL, Oracle.

c. Knowledge of Web Frameworks like CakePHP, CodeIgniter will be appreciated.

d. Knowledge of Scripting language is a bonus

3. Some experience of delivering to projects either in College or in a company is a must

4. The candidate should have experienced of creating / working on projects with reasonable quality and depth in these technologies. Plus the candidate should demonstrate keeness to go further and learn the use of these technologies to create and develop large internet based applications and systems, used by millions of users across different media.

About SM

Screen-Magic is a tech driven media company delivering services which leverage the unique - real-time & response based nature of mobile media. We create apps to integrate with global CRM’s and web networks (incl. Social media) & deliver communications that create opportunities for interactive engagement among brands, their audiences, workers etc.

We have direct relationships with mobile carriers in India and deliver interesting and innovative applications to their mobile subscribers.

Our list of clients includes top operators in India, Enterprises and global clients using various app we create.


Salary to be offered depending on Candidates profile

Position based in Borivali Mumbai

Sal: 2-3 Lakhs / Annum Depending on Candidate’s profile

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