Friday, January 28, 2011

Service Delivery Engineer

Job Description


Screen-Magic, a growing mobile media start-up, is looking for fresh talent in an engineer to add capability and capacity to its service delivery team. The candidate we seek should be efficient in solving customer technical queries & internalizing them (with the Development & Sales teams), while delivering services in a regular and timely manner.

The candidate will get a first hand experience of engaging Clients (India & International) & witness uptake of new services from Startups and the myriad issues / complexity surrounding it.

The candidate should be a self learner and take initiative in solving problem or setting up / implementing processes to serve customers.

High Performers may grow into a manager / Profit-n-Loss responsibility role. We are open to discussing possibilities of individual’s growth in the Company, with interested and capable candidates.


Service Delivery Engineer (Working at Borivali Mumbai office of SM)
(Title may depend on your talent, experience and match with our requirements)

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Manage Customer Queries regarding setup, configuration and implementation of Screen-Magic apps. Bug tracking and identification. Working with the development team to resolve bugs, do QA and release updates / patches.
  2. Setup & Execute / run standard customer service delivery processes such as Reports to Customers, monitor and manage service execution plans and raise flags in case of any issues
  3. Monitor revenue from incoming traffic and create reports. The person will be a keeper of the revenue plan with the responsibility to monitor it and raise flag in case of any discrepancies.
  4. Setup servers and deployment with large clients which require in-house / On-premise implementation of our systems.
  5. Run backend processes for managing smooth running & delivery of systems. These processes may include data backup and archiving, reporting, database segmentation and reporting.

Typical Candidate Profile

Technology Skills:
  • Experience of working with Databases like MySQL, Oracle.
  • System deployment and configuration such as server setup / ubuntu/windows; Knowledge of Network Configuration
  • General MS office skills (Efficiency is desired) – MS Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook
Good Communication Skills are a definite plus. Some experience of working in a technical support environment delivering to large enterprise clients.

About SM

Screen-Magic is a tech driven media company delivering services which leverage the unique - real-time & response based nature of mobile media. We create apps to integrate with global CRM’s and web networks (incl. Social media) & deliver communications that create opportunities for interactive engagement among brands, their audiences, workers etc.

We have direct relationships with mobile carriers in India and deliver interesting and innovative applications to their mobile subscribers.

Our list of clients includes top operators in India, Enterprises and global clients using various app we create.


Salary to be offered depending on Candidates profile.
Fixed + Bonus (based on performance) may be offered

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